Pronouns and Poppers: A Queer History Party

Talking transmasculine feminist Pauli Murray, the queer history of poppers, and making errands look good.


Episode Notes

Christina and Bryan take us into Queer History Month with thoughts on Reba McEntire and queer inclusion in historically misogynistic places. They welcome Adam Zmith, author of Deep Sniff, a book on the queer history of poppers, and writer Jude Doyle, who talks about what we missed in the recent documentary about transmasculine Black feminist icon Pauli Murray. Finally, our guests add supersmart, compelling items to this month’s Gay Agenda.

Items discussed in the show:

• Deep Sniff: A History of Poppers and Queer Futures, by Adam Zmith
• “We’re Still Not Seeing Pauli Murray,” by Jude Doyle

Gay Agenda
• Christina: Work in Progress, a Showtime comedy series/coming-of-age story of a 45-year-old suicidal dyke that doesn’t dwell on despair.
• Bryan: Errands Magazine, a glossy for errands done with style.
• Adam Zmith: The Appendix: Transmasculine Joy in a Transphobic Culture, by Liam Konemann. A collection of stories meant as an antidote to transphobia in the UK.
• Jude Doyle: We Are Watching Eliza Bright, by A.E. Osworth—a “gamergate” novel about online harassment and misogyny.

This podcast was produced by Myron.

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