Summer’s Swan Songs

Saying goodbye to Rumaan, good riddance to Grindr, and long live Todd Stephens’ Swan Song!


Episode Notes

Christina Cauterucci, Bryan Lowder, and Slate Senior Managing Producer June Thomas say farewell to outgoing host Rumaan Alam, then they welcome journalist Casey Newton to discuss Grindr’s data-security problem and its inherent potential for ruining self-esteem. They then delve into Todd Stephens’ Swan Song, a beautiful new film about an old queen, his cross-town journey to find hair products fit for a dead client, and the closure it brings.

Items discussed in the show:

Swan Song, directed by Todd Stephens

Gay Agenda:

Christina: Eric Cervini’s Queer History 101

June: Olivia on the Record, by Ginny Z. Berson

Bryan: two-room tents!

This podcast was produced by Katya Kumkova.


About the Show

Outward, Slate’s queer podcast, is a whip-smart monthly salon in which hosts and guests deepen the audience’s understanding of queer culture and politics, delight them with unexpected perspectives, and invite listeners into a colorful conversation about the issues animating LGBTQ communities.

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  • June Thomas is the co-host of Slate's Working podcast. She is writing a book about archetypical lesbian spaces.

  • J. Bryan Lowder is a Slate associate editor and the editor of Outward. He covers life, culture, and LGBTQ issues.

  • Christina Cauterucci is a Slate senior writer.