Hot Queer Summer, Hot Queer Strippers

Outward goes to the beach!


Episode Notes

It’s August, and Outward is leaning into the heat. First Christina, Bryan, and Rumaan gab about the beach. Why, exactly, are queer beaches so delightful? Is there a secret geography of finding the gay beach? The hosts then talk to GirlFlexx, a lesbian dom stripper who performs largely for straight women in a traditionally male style—and kills it in adoration and tips.

Items discussed on the show:

An ice cream cake you can make “in the back of your car.”

The upcoming Chromatica remix album, confirmed by Lady Gaga.

Outsports.com’s coverage of the Olympics.

Provincetown’s citizen scientist effort to contact trace a delta variant outbreak.

A lawyer who fought for marriage equality helped disgraced Gov. Andrew Cuomo discredit abuse victims.

A primer on lesbian dom strippers.

Gay Agenda

Bryan: Lindsay Morris and Ruth Padawar’s photo essay about a summer Camp I Am.

Rumaan: Colm Toibin’s The Master.

Christina: The L Word: Generation Q.

This podcast was produced by Katya Kumkova.

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