Milestones Mourned and Celebrated

Plus, an interview with baritone Lucia Lucas.


Episode Notes

A year-and-a-half into the pandemic, Christina, Bryan, and Rumaan look back at all the times we did not get to share our milestones – good, bad, or just big – with other queers. If a queer comes out in the forest where no one can hear them are they still queer? Yes, but perhaps less joyfully than if they had been in community. The hosts then speak with Lucia Lucas, the first female baritone to perform a principal opera role on the American stage as Don Giovanni.

Items discussed on the show:
recent assault at Nellie’s gay bar in DC draws protests.
Richard Branson wore a rainbow ribbon during his space flight.
Breakthrough COVID infections strike Provincetown.
The Sound of Identity, a documentary about Lucia Lucas’s appearance as Don Giovanni.

Gay Agenda
Bryan: The director’s cut of Studio 54
Christina: How Twitter Can Ruin a Life, by Emily VanDerWerff
Rumaan: two wistful and sexy short stories read by author Douglas Stuart on the Writer’s Voice podcast.

This podcast was produced by Katya Kumkova.

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