Julien Baker’s Quantum Queerness

Plus, a trans police officer’s take on the cops at Pride debate.


Episode Notes

It’s Pride month, which means Outward is feeling particularly festive! Christina, Bryan, and Rumaan are joined by musician Julien Baker to discuss her feelings about Pride, queerness, fluidity, and ways of interpreting queer art. Then Jillian Hanlon, a trans cop in upstate New York, joins to offer her take on the recent debate over cops at Pride.

Items discussed on the show:

Skittles go gray for Pride month.

A Twitter thread about kink at Pride.

Out in the Country: Youth, Media, and Queer Visibility in Rural America, by Mary Gray

Julien Baker interview on Working

Julien Baker on the Queerology podcast

The October 2018 Outward episode that includes interviews with members of No Justice No Pride and Reclaim Pride

A Mistep by the Organizers of Pride,” by the New York Times’ Editorial Board

The New York Times Doesn’t Know What Pride Is For,” by J. Bryan Lowder, in Slate

Gay Agenda

Christina: Drew Gregory’s interview with Daniela Sea in Autostraddle

Bryan: Hola Papi, by John Paul Brammer

Rumaan: You are enough, queer comrades!

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