Barrett, Biden, and Backwards Bryan

The ACLU’s Ria Tabacco Mar on future fights, and a discussion of Amazon’s Uncle Frank.


Episode Notes

This month, Christina, Bryan, and Rumaan speak with Ria Tabacco Mar, the ACLU’s director of the Women’s Rights Project, about what the future for LGBTQ people looks like with president-elect Biden and an even more conservative Supreme Court. Then they discuss Uncle Frank, a film from Alan Ball about a gay man and his partner on a road trip with his niece from Manhattan to South Carolina in the 1970’s. They talk about how this differs from last month’s Boys In the Band, and the importance of remembering past queer struggles.

Items discussed on the show:

·      Lady MAGA

·      “Everyone Is Gay on TikTok,” by Alex Hawgood

·      The Midwinter Witch, by Molly Knox Ostertag

·      Uncle Frank on Amazon

·      The Lesbian Bar Project

Gay Agenda

Bryan: Taylor Mac’s Holiday Sauce…Pandemic!

Christina: WMN zine

Rumaan: Shopping for gifts online at local and independent LGBTQ bookstores.

This podcast was produced by Jessamine Molli.

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