We’re Here, We’re Married, We’re Employed

The fifth anniversary of marriage equality—and the future of LGBTQ fights.


Episode Notes

This month, Christina, Bryan, and Rumaan spoke with Mark Joseph Stern about the fifth anniversary of marriage equality, the future of LGBTQ rights in the United States, and the recent Supreme Court decision about employment discrimination. Then we’ve got our live show from June 3, when Bob the Drag Queen joined the crew to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, police violence, and the healing power of the new HBO series We’re Here.

Items discussed on the show:

·     “I Used to Thank J.K. Rowling for My Survival. Her Transphobia Has Put Me in Danger.” By Serena Daniari in Rewire

·      “Is the Party Over on Fire Island?” by Aaron Hicklin in the New York Times

·      We’re Here on HBO

·      “Neil Gorsuch Just Handed Down a Historic Victory for LGBTQ Rights,” by Mark Joseph Stern

Gay Agenda

Rumaan: Olivia, by Dorothy Strachey

Christina: Vida on Starz , and The Stonewall Riots: A Documentary History, by Marc Stein

Bryan: BPM

This podcast was produced by Daniel Schroeder and Melissa Kaplan.

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