The Queerness of Quarantine Bubbles

We’ve spent our whole lives negotiating contested spaces.


Episode Notes

This month, Christina admits to creating a quarantine bubble, and she talks with Bryan and Rumaan about why she felt comfortable joining her friends in this way and why our community seems better-equipped than others to figure out how to make such micro-communities work. Then they discuss two new documentaries on Netflix, A Secret Love and Circus of Books, and unpack how these films tried and failed to reckon with the depths of their subjects while still stirring some warm feelings along the way.

Items discussed on the show:

The Chiffon Trenches, by André Leon Talley

I Have a ‘Quarantine Bubble’ With People Outside My House. You Should Too.” by Christina Cauterucci in Slate

A Secret Love

Circle of Books

A League of Their Own

Gay Agenda

Christina: “Little Richard’s Queer Triumph,” by Myles E. Johnson

Rumaan: Beautiful Fall, by Alicia Drake

Bryan: We’re Here on HBO

This podcast was produced by Daniel Schroeder.

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