Finding Life at Queer Virtual Sex Parties

How can you cruise without any eye contact?


Episode Notes

This month, Christina, Bryan, and Rumaan discuss virtual sex parties during self-isolation with former Slate colleague Andrew Kahn, exploring what it’s like to see all these different screens and how distance and self-consciousness play into the experience. Then they talk about the Netflix series Tiger King, all its queer story threads, and whether it’s actually bad for the gays.

Items discussed on the show:

Schitt’s Creek

Don’t Look for Patient Zeros,” by Scott W. Stern in the New Republic

Republic Restoratives in Washington, D.C.

This video tweeted by @saveitbruh

Coronavirus Diaries: I Went to a Sex Party on Zoom,” by Andrew Kahn in Slate

Tiger King on Netflix

Big Cat Rescue’s response to Tiger King

Gay Agenda

Bryan: The Bad Gays podcast

Christina: Mary Queen of Scots

Rumaan: Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope

This podcast was produced by Daniel Schroeder.

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