The LGBTQ Decade

Where have the last 10 years taken us?


Episode Notes

This month, Christina and Bryan welcome Rumaan Alam as the official third host of Outward. First, June Thomas joins the team to discuss the new L Word reboot, how it compares to the original, ways it’s stepped past Version 1.0, and if any of the characters will actually become unlikable. Then the trio go through an extended segment of prides and provocations of the decade with Andy Bowen, a consultant on queer and economic social justice issues. They tackle marriage equality, PreP, lesbian bars, and the savvy ways the LGBTQ community have navigated governmental bureaucracy.
Then we close it out with a usual update to the gay agenda.

Items discussed on the show:

The L Word: Generation Q
Generation Q Fills In The L Word’s Blind Spots While Saluting Its Legacy,” by Christina Cauterucci in Slate
Julián Is a Mermaid, by Jessica Love
• “The Decade When the Fight for LGBTQ Rights Went Mainstream,” by Christina Cauterucci in Slate

Gay Agenda

Bryan: The Stonewall Reader; In Search of Stonewall, edited by Richard Schneider Jr.; Art After Stonewall, 1969-1989, edited by Jonathan Weinberg; We Are Everywhere, by Matthew Riemer and Leighton Brown

Christina: High School, by Sara and Tegan Quin, and their album Hey, I’m Just Like You

Rumaan: Lie With Me, by Philippe Besson; In the Dream House, by Carmen Maria Machado

This podcast was produced by Daniel Schroeder.

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