The “Fights” Edition

Picking apart the debates that rile up our queer family.


Episode Notes

This month, Christina, Bryan, and Brandon look at the debates that can sometimes divide the queer family. After the usual Pride and Provocations, they dig into three queer fights happening in our community, including how critical we should be of queer art, the authenticity of queer artists, and what we should all think about Marianne Williamson. Then, we hear an interview with the late gay and lesbian rights activist Jean O’Leary, thanks to our friends at the Making Gay History podcast. We close it out with the gay agenda before saying farewell to Brandon, who is heading off to a new job at CNN.

Items discussed on the show:

• “Seduced, Then Scorned, by My Work Wife,” by Carrie Malinowski in the New York Times

Paris Is Burning

The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions, by Larry Mitchell

• “What Calls to Cancel Adam, a Movie About a Teen Faking Being Trans, Miss About Its Historical Context,” by Katie Anania in Slate

• “The Gay Divide Over Marianne Williamson,” by Christina Cauterucci in Slate

Jean O’Leary on Making Gay History

Gay Agenda

Brandon: Kim Petras
Christina: “The Time I Went on a Lesbian Cruise and It Blew Up My Entire Life,” by Shannon Keating in BuzzFeed
Bryan: “Together Alone,” by Michael Hobbes in HuffPost

This podcast was produced by Daniel Schroeder.

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