One Year: 1977

Season 1: Bonus Episode 1
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The Legacy of the Anita Bryant Protests

Why don’t we hear as much about this civil rights fight today as we do about Stonewall?

Episode Notes

In this Slate Plus episode for One Year, host Josh Levin and producer Evan Chung discuss the premise of the show and this season on 1977. Then we’ll hear a conversation between One Year’s assistant producer Madeline Ducharme and Slate Podcasts’ senior managing producer June Thomas about the legacy of the Anita Bryant story within gay civil rights history, and about gay culture in that moment in time.

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About the Show

The people and struggles that changed America—one year at a time. In each episode, host Josh Levin explores a story you may have forgotten, or one you’ve never heard of before. What were the moments that transformed politics, culture, science, religion, and more? And how does the nation’s past shape our present?

The first season of One Year focuses on 1977, a year when gay rights hung in the balance, Roots dominated the airwaves, and Jesus appeared on a tortilla.

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