Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Vacation House Havoc

Slate’s parenting podcast on navigating rules when vacationing with another family.


Episode Notes

On this episode, Jamilah, Zak, and Elizabeth lend advice to a parent who will be taking her family on vacation with her sister’s family. Both families will be sharing a vacation home for a week, but the sister has a much stricter screen time policy for her children. They share some tips on how to navigate house rules when on vacation with another family.

Jamilah recommends this NYT chocolate olive oil cake recipe with All Recipes chocolate glaze
Zak recommends Apples and Peanut Butter for lunch
Elizabeth recommends Guess Who educational cards: Birds, Black History, & Bluey 

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Jamilah Lemieux, Elizabeth Newcamp, and Zak Rosen share triumphs and fails and offer advice on parenting kids from toddler to teens.

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