Mom and Dad Are Fighting

The “Changing The Children’s Music Game” Edition

Slate’s parenting podcast talks with comedian and dad Chris Garcia about his new podcast, Finding Raffi.


Episode Notes

On this episode: Elizabeth, Jamilah, and Zak expose the mini-monsters that parents accidentally create. They have some very fun—very scary—listener submissions. But honestly, who doesn’t need a snack for every car ride?

Then Zak interviews comedian, dad, and podcaster Chris Garcia about his new show Finding Raffi. They talk about how Raffi captured kids’ ears and hearts, his lasting legacy, and how he’s changing parenting philosophies.

Zak recommends finding little moments of joy like making a game out of chucking garbage into the can.
Jamilah recommends The Prophets by Robert Jones Jr.
Elizabeth recommends the Ologies podcast 
And, a bonus recommendation from Zak: His conversation with Rebecca Lavoie on The Best Advice Show podcast about knowing and communicating your weaknesses at work

Finding Raffi by Chris Garcia

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