Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Makeup-Obsessed Toddler Edition

Slate’s parenting podcast discusses when it’s appropriate for your toddler to experiment with makeup.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode: Elizabeth, Aymann, and guest-host Michaela Smith discuss their triumphs and fails for the week. Then they answer a question from a listener whose 4-year-old daughter has recently become obsessed with wearing makeup. Should her mother be worried about this new development or just let it play out naturally?

Later, they have some advice for a parent whose toddler is dealing with some separation anxiety. What can she do to help support her daughter through these difficult feelings?

In Slate Plus: It’s almost officially fall! So we’re discussing what we’re most looking forward to and some of our favorite fall activities to do with the family.


Elizabeth recommends reading Wet Cement: A Mix of Concrete Poems with your kids.

Aymann recommends giving out compliments more often! It’s been a saving grace for him and his wife during the stressful first few months of parenthood.

Michaela recommends getting ahead of your child’s anxiety or other big feelings by consulting your pediatrician about counseling. Learning coping skills early on can really help us later in life!

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