Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Morbidly Curious Edition

Slate’s parenting podcast discusses how to answer your child’s morbid questions.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode: Jamilah, Elizabeth, and new co-host Aymann Ismail discuss their triumphs and fails for the week. Then they answer a question from a listener whose 6-year-old daughter has become fixated on finding a cure for death.

Later, they have some advice for someone whose own parents are excellent grandparents to her children but who often cross some boundary lines.

In Slate Plus: The latest U.N. report on climate change. How can we discuss this with our children without scaring the crap out of them?


Jamilah recommends AND8 Fitness for people who love to have fun during their workouts.

Elizabeth recommends Kids Quip, an electric toothbrush for kids that will help you get them out the door a little faster in the mornings.

Aymann recommends buying an INSTAX Polaroid Camera to hand out polaroid pictures in place of party favors.

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