Mom and Dad Are Fighting

The Picking Fights With Your Kid Edition

Slate’s parenting podcast helps a worried partner who’s watching their significant other pick fights with their kid.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode: Dan, Jamilah, and Elizabeth answer a letter from a concerned partner who’s sick of watching a significant other pick fights with their kid—but doesn’t know if or how to step in.

Also, Rachelle Hampton and Madison Malone Kircher join us for a new edition of In Case You Missed It, Mom and Dad. This week they’ll be explaining what the deal is with someone your kids probably know but you might not: YouTube star James Charles, and his return to the platform after sexual misconduct accusations.

In Slate Plus: Brand new dad Aymann Ismail joins us to talk about his great piece on giving his son a Muslim name.


Elizabeth recommends the Small Animals of North America Coloring Book and The Burgess Animal Book for Children.

Jamilah recommends pole dancing classes.

Dan recommends buying cheap cherries at your local grocery store. They’re on sale right now!

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