Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Bickering Grandparents Edition

Slate’s parenting podcast debates if constant spats should cease or if they actually teach kids that relationships aren’t perfect.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode: Dan and Jamilah are joined by former Mom and Dad are Fighting co-host and Slate’s Executive Editor, Allison Benedikt. They debate if a letter writer’s bickering parents need to knock it off or if it’s okay to squabble in front of the grandkids.

Then, they sit down with Dr. Tova Walsh, professor of social work at the University of Wisconsin, to discuss her new research about how moms who gave birth in March 2020 are coping with a very strange first year of parenting.

In Slate Plus: What to do about kids’ expensive—but oh so delicious—berry habits. Sign up for Slate Plus.

Jamilah recommends Gonanas Banana Bread Mix from Nordstrom Rack.
Allison recommends Everything Sad Is Untrue: (a true story) by Daniel Nayeri.
Dan recommends I Was Told There Would Be Mom Friends by Lauren Bans

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