Mom and Dad Are Fighting

No Ma’am Edition

Slate’s parenting podcast debates if we should retire gendered titles of respect.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode: Elizabeth, Jamilah, and Dan debate if it’s OK to teach your child to use gendered titles of respect, like sir and ma’am. Then they answer a mother who seems to do the lionshare of the housework. Now her husband wants to seize an opportunity to be a stay-at-home father and she’s worried she will no longer be as valuable to the family.

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Dan recommends going to a different city—sans kids—and taking a walk with a friend.

Jamilah recommends Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good by Adrienne Maree Brown.

Elizabeth recommends Niksen: Embracing the Dutch Art of Doing Nothing by Olga Mecking.

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