Mom and Dad Are Fighting

You Will Have Fun and You Will Like It Edition

Slate’s parenting podcast advise a parent whose partner just won’t play along.

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Episode Notes

On this week’s episode: Jamilah, Elizabeth, and Dan debate when it’s appropriate to celebrate a sibling’s pregnancy, especially if the road to conception has been tough. How can you delineate between excitement and celebration so the mom-to-be feels supported without feeling pressure to share the news with others, if that’s not something she’s comfortable with at this stage? They also advise a family who has realized—they don’t actually know how to have fun as a unit. It turns out, the key to family fun is that someone is probably always not thrilled. But, sometimes, you just gotta suck it up.

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Dan recommends Flamer by Mike Curato.

Elizabeth recommends Flipbelt’s running pants.

Jamilah recommends shopping for the holidays at Kido.

Bonus Links:
The Rise and Fall of Baby Einstein by Ruth Graham.

Mike Birbiglia’s tweet that had a number of great replies recommending small or local businesses that people can support when shopping this upcoming holiday season.

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