Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Goes Right Through Him Edition

Slate’s parenting podcast debates a 3-year-old’s bathroom logic.

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Episode Notes

On this week’s episode: Elizabeth, Jamilah, and Dan answer a question about a 3-year-old who forces himself to pee immediately after drinking water. We also have a follow-up question from a parent whose child recently came out to her as trans. Slate’s Evan Urquhart joins the hosts to help advise the parent on how to best support her son.

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Dan recommends Perfect Tunes by Emily Gould.

Jamilah recommends Women, Race, & Class by Angela Y. Davis.

Elizabeth recommends the game Tiny Polka Dot.

Additional Recommendations and Resources: 

Catch “Living Single But With Barbies” on Jamilah’s Instagram.

Get your kids hooked on Oliver’s favorite math game, Prodigy.

My Parents Still Struggle to Know Me After I Transitioned Late” by Evan Urquhart.

Check out PFLAG, which is a great organization for LGBTQ+ people, their families and allies.

Watch Disclosure. The documentary is currently available on Netflix.

Read Hurricane Child and Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender.

Watch ContraPoints YouTube videos with your (probably older) kids as a way to prompt conversations about trans issues. Here are two to start with: “Transtrenders” and Gender Critical.

Get creative outside with Buggy and Buddy free, printable scavenger hunts, Youth Squad badges, and Tinkergarten® activities.

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Podcast produced by Rosemary Belson.


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