Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Visit From Mike Birbiglia Edition

Slate’s parenting podcast discusses parenthood, quarantine comedy, and Birbiglia’s new book.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode: Elizabeth, Jamilah, and Dan talk with comedian Mike Birbiglia about his new book, The New One: Painfully True Stories From a Reluctant Dad. They discuss what it’s like to not connect to your newborn right away, finally understanding parenting cliches, and comedy during quarantine. The hosts also answer a question from a parent who feels that their young one is transitioning from mommy to mom way too early.

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Dan recommends You Pick Tonight, a father-daughter double feature podcast from Dan and Lyra.

Jamilah recommends It’s Just a Plant: A Children’s Story about Marijuana by Ricardo Cortés.

Elizabeth recommends learning to make balloon animals with your kids.

Other Recommendations and Resources: 
Transgender Children & Youth: Understanding the Basics
Gender Identity Isn’t Too Confusing For Your Toddler” by Kasandra Brabaw
Transwhat? A Guide Towards Allyship
In Our Gender Diverse Era, Parents Should Practice Humility With Their Kids” by Evan Urquhart
My Kid is Not Crazy
“Myka Stauffer and the Aggressively Inspirational World of “Adoption Influencers”” by Ruth Graham

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