Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Cut It Yourself Edition

Slate’s parenting podcast debates if you should finally attempt an at-home haircut.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode: Dan, Jamilah, and Elizabeth answer a question from a listener whose stepmother wants to be called grandma. While the letter writer is thrilled her stepmother wants to be so involved with her granddaughters, how will she explain to her daughters that their grandma isn’t her biological mother?

On our Everyone Is Fighting Now segment: is it finally time to attempt an at-home haircut? The hosts talk to 9-year-old barber Neijae Graham-Henries and her mother Jamie. To listen to Everyone Is Fighting Now, zoom ahead to about 32 minutes. Or if you are listening to the Plus episode, go to about 26 minutes.

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Dan recommends Zoom Pranks on Professors, Wild PowerPoint Parties, and a Billion Memes by Laura Bennett.

Elizabeth recommends reaching out to seniors in your community by sending cards. You can find a local organization or an organization like Love for the Elderly.

Jamilah recommends I Don’t Want to Die Poor: Essays by Michael Arceneaux

Extra reading recommendations: How Coronavirus Is Affecting Surrogacy, Foster Care and Adoption by David Dodge

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