Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Suburban Appropriation Edition

Slate’s parenting podcast helps a parent who is hesitant about joining a problematic local community event.


Episode Notes

On this week’s episode, Rebecca, Jamilah, and Amy answer listener questions from a parent questioning the appropriateness of a local organization and a mom who wants her husband to be better about raising a body-positive child. As usual, they share their triumphs and fails, and offer up some recommendations. For Slate Plus, Amy gives some teacherly advice.


Rebecca recommends having two dogs in your home.

Jamilah recommends visiting Target to check out their capsule collection, 20 Years of Design for All.

Amy recommends the audiobook Why We Sleep and Dream.

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Jamilah Lemieux, Elizabeth Newcamp, and Zak Rosen share triumphs and fails and offer advice on parenting kids from toddler to teens.

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