Mission: Interplanetary

No Space for Columbus

Why should we decolonize space exploration?


Episode Notes

The last Age of Exploration was a disaster. How can we craft better models for a new Space Age? Cady and Andrew talk with space theoretician Natalie Trevino about decolonizing space exploration. Also, new obsessions, Yuri’s Night, and new Sounds of Space.

Find the full recording of this week’s Sounds of Space here.


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Join Astronaut Cady Coleman and scientist/author Andrew Maynard as they explore the unique visions of those working to take us to new worlds.

Mission: Interplanetary looks at the big questions, the challenges to overcome, and the opportunities within reach. We talk to the people imagining, designing, and building the future of humans in space.

Join us for a glimpse into futures that live far beyond the bounds of Earth.

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