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It’s a Tough Time for Men With No Friends

Male loneliness was already a problem. Quarantine is making it worse.


Episode Notes

Male loneliness has been a problem for a long time, according to years of research, and all the current social isolation isn’t helping. This week, Man Up host Aymann Ismail talks to Shuheng, a self-described extrovert who wishes he had more friends to talk to and commiserate with. Then Aymann hears from Slate podcast producer Ben Frisch, who talks about how he’s able to make the most of his alone time. And finally, a very socially active man named Dan explains how he’s been able to stay connected to friends all over the country and satisfy his need for close personal bonds.

How has the coronavirus affected you, or a man in your life? What other stories should we tell about manhood in this crisis? Let us know, and we might help you work through it on the show. Give us a call at 805-626-8707 or email us at

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