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Single Guys Are Really Going for It Right Now

The pandemic has actually emboldened men to pursue romance, companionship, and, in some cases, sex.


Episode Notes

Despite self-quarantine, or maybe because of it, single men are out there more than ever trying to date and, in some cases, just have sex. In this episode, Aymann talks to his co-worker Katie, who was hit on by two men on the same day when she was stocking up on groceries. Then Andrew joins the show to talk about men who are still trying to meet up through Grindr in New York right now, and why he hasn’t gotten off the app either. And finally, Denver journalist Zack talks about his experience going on FaceTime dates and explains why continuing to date is so important for him during these trying times.

How has the coronavirus affected you or a man in your life? What other stories should we tell about manhood in this crisis? Let us know, and we might help you work through it on the show. Give us a call at 805-626-8707 or email us at

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