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The Trouble With Being an Asian Guy on Tinder

Soon after Eddie Kim started online dating, he noticed something on a profile: “Sorry, not into Asians.”

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Episode Notes

Eddie Kim was sitting on the toilet and swiping through Tinder profiles, as one does, when he came across a woman he thought was cute. He clicked through to see her bio, and it was mostly generic, but one thing caught his eye: “Sorry, not into Asians.”

Unlike his non-Asian friends, he was having a hard time getting matches, period, and he suspected he knew why. So he wrote about it for Mel magazine and discovered he was far from alone. This week on Man Up, he talks with host Aymann Ismail about sexual racism, why he thinks Asian men are at a disadvantage on dating apps, and how some toxic subcultures react to that. 

Keep up with Eddie’s writing on Mel, where he’s a features writer, and follow him on Twitter.

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