Smash Bros. Side Hustlers

Modernizing and monetizing a classic with pro gamers.

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Episode Notes

Host Aaron Mak talks with e-sports analyst Daniel Lee about his approach to coaching Mango, one of the best competitive Super Smash Bros. players in the world. They discuss the culture of e-sports and what it’s like for amateur gamers to travel and participate in tournaments. They also discuss Lee’s tactics for coaching a superstar, how to get into the right mental headspace, and how he’s trying to bring modern-day analytics to gaming.

After the interview, host Aaron Mak joins co-host Shannon Palus and new host Lizzie O’Leary for this week’s edition of Don’t Close My Tabs.

Podcast production by Justin D. Wright.

Stories discussed on the show:

Shannon’s Tab: The Student Loan Nerd Helping Borrowers One Email at a Time, by Anna Sale

Aaron’s Tab: How Y2k and bbno$ Turned ‘Lalala’ Into a Hit, One Tinder Match at a Time, by Elias Leight

Lizzie’s Tab: It’s Fat Bear Week in Alaska’s Katmai National Park, by Tom Goldman

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