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The Case for the Vape

The contraption is now associated with a deeply concerning and sometimes deadly illness. It’s also a much-needed antidote.


Episode Notes

Host Shannon Palus discusses how today’s vaping panic is connected to the rise of the cigarette with Jacob Grier, author of the new book The Rediscovery of Tobacco: Smoking, Vaping, and the Creative Destruction of the Cigarette. Grier argues for a nuanced view of tobacco and nicotine, and has thoughts about just how much parents should worry if their teen comes home with a Juul. They also discuss why Sweden’s solution for tobacco risk reduction serves as an enviable model.

After the interview, Aaron Mak joins for this week’s edition of “Don’t Close My Tabs.”

Podcast production by Justin D. Wright.

Stories discussed on the show:

Shannon’s Tab: “Lemons Have Replaced My Deodorant,” by Jane Larkworthy

Aaron’s Tab: Prisoner Assessment Tool Targeting Estimated Risk and Needs (PATTERN) Interactive Tool

Jacob’s book: The Rediscovery of Tobacco: Smoking, Vaping, and the Creative Destruction of the Cigarette

Jacob’s stories on vaping for Slate

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