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A closer look at Uber during the Travis Kalanick years.


Episode Notes

New York Times technology reporter Mike Issac discusses his new book, Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber, which traces Uber’s rapid rise and fall under co-founder Travis Kalanick. Isaac and host Aaron Mak talk about Uber’s fraught relationship with the media, how public perception of the company enabled one of its competitors to stave off extinction, the necessary paranoia required to investigate the company, and how Kalanick’s particular style of leadership helped transform transportation around the world—for better or worse.

After the interview, Shannon Palus joins the show for this week’s edition of “Don’t Close My Tabs.”

Podcast production by Justin D. Wright.

Stories discussed on the show:

Shannon’s Tab: “When I Took My Zipcar Into the Wilderness”

Aaron’s Tab: “We Pretend It’s 2007-2012 Internet”

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