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Breaking Away From Google

One journalist’s quest to wean the tech behemoth out of his daily life.


Episode Notes

Host Aaron Mak talks with journalist Nithin Coca about Coca’s attempt to abstain from using any Google products in his daily life. They discuss why he did it, the useful alternatives he found for specific apps, the quirks of using different tools abroad, and the surprising benefits he found in starting over. They also speculate on whether a typical consumer could sustainably do the same thing and what that means for the state of the industry.

After the interview, Shannon Palus joins Aaron for this week’s edition of “Don’t Close My Tabs.”

Stories discussed on the show:

Shannon’s Tab: “Who Would I Be Without Instagram?” by Tavi Gevinson

Aaron’s Tab: “A Brutal Murder, a Wearable Witness, and an Unlikely Suspect,” by Lauren Smiley

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