The Allure of Smart Guns

Presidential candidates are calling for firearms that will only unlock for their owners. Research shows their potential is complicated.

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Episode Notes

In this episode Shannon Palus learns about personalized guns, sometimes referred to as “smart” guns. Her guest is Cassandra Crifasi, deputy director at the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research. More specifically, Crifasi is an epidemiologist focused on policies, procedures, and practices that prevent injury. She says personalized firearms are great for keeping kids and thieves away from guns, but they do nothing to prevent homicides and suicides by gun owners themselves.

After the interview Aaron Mak joins the show for this week’s edition of “Don’t Close My Tabs.”

Stories discussed on the show: 

Shannon’s tab:The Truth About Violent Video Games,” Factually! with Adam Conover

Aaron’s tab: “Dianxi Xiaoge” on YouTube

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