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When Your DNA Is Public Information

The recent genealogy craze has turned into a boon for law enforcement. But it’s also a giant privacy conundrum.


Episode Notes

In this episode, Aaron Mak learns about how law enforcement is using public genealogy websites to crack cold cases. His guest is Nila Bala, associate director of criminal justice policy at the R Street Institute, a think tank whose mission is to find solutions to complex policy problems. Bala is also a former public defender. She says that while it’s great that criminals are being brought to justice, there should be more rules in place to limit false positives and prevent privacy violations.

After the interview, Shannon Palus joins the show for this week’s edition of Don’t Close My Tabs.

Stories discussed on the show: 

• “Criminal Suspects Deserve Genetic Privacy, Too” in Slate
• Shannon’s tab: “The App That Has Gen Z Hooked on Thrifting” in the Cut
• Aaron’s tab: Every Spongebob Frame In Order on Facebook

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