The Internet Should Be Fun

You just have to know where to look.


Episode Notes

On today’s episode, Daisy Rosario is joined by Nitish Pahwa and they’re talking about the places they go to when they need online comfort. They discuss cute cartoon affirmations, the need for satisfaction, and hear from a few Slate colleagues about their own comforting online enclaves.

Some of our recommendations:

@unclogging_drains on TikTok
@catsofyore on Instagram
@itslennie, an animated blob sharing affirmations on TikTok
@Jesssoweird, the baby that tries on wigs on TikTok
ASMR rug cleaning
Florian Gadsby, a ceramicist on Instagram and YouTube
@cosmetic_repair on TikTok
Lady Gaga’s music video for, “Marry the Night
Girl With the Dogs on YouTube

This podcast is produced by Daniel Schroeder, Rachelle Hampton, and Daisy Rosario.


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  • Nitish Pahwa is an associate writer for business and tech at Slate.

  • Daisy Rosario is Slate's senior supervising producer of audio. Previously, she produced podcasts and reported stories for Stitcher, WNYC, WAMU, and Latino USA, and was also a frequent contributor to NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour. You may have heard her on the Moth.