Why the Internet Thinks Lea Michele Can’t Read

And the other reasons why she won’t stop trending.


Episode Notes

Lea Michele is in the news again because of some rather personal details she reveals about her relationship with her Spring Awakening co-star, Jonathan Groff, in a new documentary about the musical. At the same time, the internet conspiracy theory that the former Glee star is illiterate has resurfaced. On the show today, Rachelle and Allegra enumerate the reasons Lea’s trending once again, the details about her ability to read, and why the internet loves to hate her.

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  • Allegra Frank is the deputy entertainment editor at the Daily Beast.

  • Rachelle Hampton is a culture writer and reporter at Slate and co-host of ICYMI. Her work has appeared in the New Republic, Pacific Standard, Smithsonian Magazine, and In These Times. She still hasn't recovered from Tumblr’s demise.