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How To Unbreak the News

David Bornstein and Nicole Lewis on fixing the news, Part 1.


Episode Notes

A few years ago, host Amanda Ripley started noticing that her normal news diet left her feeling depleted and depressed. She tried mixing up her news habits, even avoiding it for awhile, but nothing helped. It felt like a shameful secret. Shouldn’t journalists love consuming the news? She began to wonder, is it me … or is it the news itself? On this episode of How To!, the first of two parts, we’ll hear from several of our listeners who feel the same way. We’ll also talk with Nicole Lewis, senior editor of jurisprudence at Slate and a longtime reporter on the criminal justice beat, and David Bornstein, co-founder and CEO of the Solutions Journalism Network as well as a former contributor to the New York Times’ Fixes column. Together they’ll discuss how the news became so broken, and how we can put it back together again.


Solutions Story Tracker

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