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How To Get Your Book Published

Denene Millner on writing a captivating story in 700 words or less.


Episode Notes

Shanimarie has a story in her heart, one she believes the world needs to hear. It’s a story of immigration, sacrifice and a mother’s love that this first-grade teacher wishes she had read as a young girl who moved from Jamaica to the U.S. Shanimarie has been working on the idea for a couple of years now. She’s submitted a manuscript to several publishers, but is making the rookie mistakes that most aspiring authors make. On this episode of How To!, we bring on Denene Millner, a New York Times best selling author of over 30 books who runs a children’s book imprint at Simon & Schuster. Denene focuses on stories about the humanity of Black children and shares some insider knowledge with Shanimarie about telling your story in a way that publishers, and children, can’t ignore.

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