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I’m Great at My Job. So Why Do I Feel Like a Fraud?

How to overcome impostor syndrome.

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Episode Notes

When Shellye Archambeau walked into her first meeting as a board member of Verizon, she felt a moment of panic. “Do I actually belong at this table?” she remembers thinking. Shellye, one of the first Black women to work as the CEO of a tech company in Silicon Valley, has struggled over the years with what’s commonly known as “impostor syndrome”—the feeling that you are a phony, despite all evidence to the contrary. On this episode of How To!, Shellye, the author of Unapologetically Ambitious, gives advice to Hannah, a medical student who is struggling with the same feelings of self-doubt, particularly as she’s about to treat patients for the first time. Can Shellye help Hannah tame her impostor syndrome so she can be an effective physician? “I can’t tell people how to get over it,” Shellye says. “But I can tell you how to deal with it.”

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