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How To Survive a Doomsday Cult

My family spent years in an apocalyptic cult. I’m desperate to move on.


Episode Notes

Michael grew up terrified that the world was going to end. This wasn’t your typical childhood anxiety, but something he was taught while being raised in the Children of God cult. Michael left the cult years ago, but now in his 30s he’s struggling to heal the scars it left on his parents and 11 siblings. How do you go on living when the world doesn’t actually come to an end? On this episode of How To!, we bring on Rebecca Stott, author of In the Days of Rain, a memoir about her childhood in a cult called the Exclusive Brethren. “Whenever I have an interview like this, I can feel the frog in my throat,” Rebecca tells us. “It’s like there’s something still censoring me…in my own head.” Rebecca knows what it’s like to feel ashamed of her childhood, but she’s also learned to find what was useful in her experience and apply it to her life today. She says Michael can do the same thing by opening himself up to his loved ones and in future relationships.

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