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How To Make an Exit Like Mary Poppins

I was fired from my nanny job and it feels like I lost my own children.


Episode Notes

For years, Stella helped raise twin girls whom she loved deeply. She potty trained them, read bedtime stories and made sure they ate their veggies. But then, one day with little warning, she was asked to leave them. Stella isn’t a parent—she’s a nanny. And though it’s been years, she’s still heartbroken over being let go from her old job, especially the way it ended. On this episode of How To!, we bring on Tasha Blaine, author of Becoming a Social Worker and Just Like Family. Tasha spent years interviewing nannies for Just Like Family and she’s here to help Stella process her loss. When you’re getting paid to raise someone else’s kids, how do you navigate that messy work-life divide? And for couples, how can you establish a better, more professional relationship with this “third parent”? Listen in for the secrets of a real-life Mary Poppins.

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