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How To Steal Back Your Identity

My fiancé lied to me for years. Can I ever trust anyone again?

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Episode Notes

Ever since Casey’s husband had his identity stolen, Casey hasn’t been able to relax. She spends late nights and weekends obsessively checking their family bank accounts and scouring the web for information on the thieves who live just 15 minutes from her house. The police told Casey that an arrest is unlikely, so how can she find closure and move on with her life? On this episode of How To!, we bring on Abby Ellin, journalist and the author of Duped, who experienced a personal betrayal of her own—almost marrying a con man. Abby shares what she learned about getting over a breach of trust when there’s no resolution in sight. The bottom line: You have to create your own kind of closure. Don’t let the thief steal any more of your time.

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