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How To Get Your Dog to Stop Eating Your Daughters’ Underwear With Jenny Slate

My dog—and my kids—are both to blame for this embarrassing habit.


Episode Notes

Erin thinks her dog Chief has the most embarrassing habit—he keeps eating her daughters’ underwear. This has happened several times, resulting in multiple costly surgeries. If she doesn’t put a stop to it, it could eventually kill Chief. How can she get her dog to behave and, more importantly, get her teenage daughters to put their underwear in the hamper? On this episode of How To!, Jenny Slate, comedian, actress, and author of Little Weirds, opens up about the time her dog ate something he shouldn’t have—and let’s just say it’s worse than underwear. But Jenny adores dogs and believes they have something important to teach us. You have to accept your loved ones’ limitations, Jenny says, and when problems arise, tailor your solution to what suits them best—advice that applies to both dogs and teenagers.

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