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How To End a Sibling Rivalry With Kate & Oliver Hudson

My relationship with my sister is on the brink of collapse. Is there anything I can do?


Episode Notes

Sam and his sister used to be close, but lately their relationship feels strained. Years of favoritism toward Sam by their parents has taken its toll and now, after one disastrous family celebration, Sam worries he may lose his sister entirely. Can Sam save their relationship before it’s too late? In this episode of How To!, we bring on a pair of famous siblings who have navigated everything from an estranged father to Hollywood drama: Kate and Oliver Hudson, actors and the hosts of Sibling Revelry. The Hudsons know how hard it can be to redefine your relationship in adulthood. To start, separate your own struggles from your sibling’s and bring the focus back to your shared experience. You don’t need to sort out a lifetime of baggage in one conversation, but try to remember the original bond you had as siblings growing up.

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