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How To Avoid Becoming Your Mother

My boyfriend says I’m turning into my overly dramatic mom. Is it too late?

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Episode Notes

Have you ever had a moment where you realized… I’m becoming like my parents? For many of us that can be a funny realization, but for Michelle it was a wakeup call. Her mother can be a bit of a drama queen, and as time has gone on, Michelle feels like the way she reacts to stressful situations mirrors that of her mother. In fact, Michelle’s boyfriend once told her she was turning into her mother, which, according to Michelle, was “the worst thing anyone could ever say to me.” In this episode of How To!, we bring on Susan David, a professor at Harvard Medical School, and the author of Emotional Agility. She has tips for how Michelle can recognize the patterns she’s falling into and turn her emotional fragility into emotional agility.

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