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How To Become Your Own Boss with Guy Raz

The host of How I Built This gives advice to an aspiring entrepreneur.


Episode Notes

Mitchell is a physical therapy student who dreams of revolutionizing the industry. What if physical therapists and their patients weren’t so constrained by insurance companies? His classmates and professors think he’s crazy, but Mitchell thinks disrupting the status quo could help a lot of people—if only he knew how to get started. On this episode of How To!, we bring on Guy Raz, the host of NPR’s How I Built This and author of the new book of the same title, to share what he’s learned from the hundreds of entrepreneurs who have come on his podcast. When calculating risk vs. reward, Guy says, think about the difference between something being scary vs. dangerous. It’s scary to build a startup and potentially fail, but think how dangerous it would be to have a boring job always wondering “what if”?

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