His Dark Materials Season 1, Episode 1: “Lyra’s Jordan”

Introducing Slate’s guide to HBO’s new fantasy series—and Philip Pullman’s majestic trilogy.


Episode Notes

Welcome to The Authority, Slate’s deep dive into the world(s) of HBO’s His Dark Materials. Each week, Slate’s scholars of experimental theology, Dan Kois and Laura Miller, discuss the new HBO series and Philip Pullman’s original trilogy. This week, they’re discussing the series premiere; weighing in on the show’s three primary characters, Lyra, Mrs. Coulter, and Lord Asriel; and going in depth about the complex relationship between Jordan College and the Magisterium.

Links to some of the things discussed in this episode:
Laura Miller’s New Yorker profile of Philip Pullman
Laura Miller’s review of His Dark Materials on HBO
Lyra’s Oxford, by Philip Pullman

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Go deeper inside the world of HBO’s adaptation of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. Join Slate’s scholars of experimental theology, Laura Miller and Dan Kois, as they discuss Dust, daemons, the Magisterium, and more—and, of course, break down the events of each episode.

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