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The Tiger’s Not Done Yet Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on Tiger Woods, Canada’s equal pay fight, and new baseball rules.


Episode Notes

Stefan Fatsis and Josh Levin are joined by Kevin Van Valkenburg of No Laying Up to talk about Tiger Woods’ return to tournament golf. Claire Watkins of Just Women’s Sports also joins to discuss the Canadian women’s soccer team’s fight for equal pay. Finally, Michael Baumann of Fangraphs comes on to assess Major League Baseball’s latest rule changes.

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Follow Kevin Van Valkenburg on Twitter and read his story about the Genesis Invitational.

• Van Valkenburg’s Twitter thread about watching Tiger Woods play last week.

Woods joked with Justin Thomas by handing him a tampon.

• Alex Kirshner in Slate: “How the PGA Tour Is Beating Back Its Saudi Revolt

Follow Claire Watkins on Twitter and read her newsletter at Just Women’s Sports.

• Juliet Macur’s New York Times piece on the equal pay fight roiling Canadian soccer.

• Steph Yang in the Athletic: “Canadian women’s soccer team faces fight familiar to USWNT, with fewer resources

Follow Michael Baumann on Twitter and read his work in FanGraphs.

• Baumann wrote that Major League Baseball’s new pitch-clock restrictions could be “the most significant rule changes of the past 50 years.”

An analysis by Baseball America found that a pitch clock helped reduce the length of minor-league games by more than 20 minutes.

Defector’s Tom Ley and FanGraphs’ Jay Jaffe argued that placing a runner on second base in extra innings is a solution in search of a problem.

• Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora said MLB’s enlarged bases “look like a pizza box.”

Hang Up and Listen’s weekly Black McClung:

Josh’s Black McClung: Ghost runners aren’t really ghost runners. So what should we call them?

On this week’s bonus segment, Josh and Stefan talk about automatic touchdowns, Canadian football rules, and other potential solutions to the NFL’s end-of-game clock problems.

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