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The “Immaculate Reception” Remembered Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on Aaron Rodgers, the New York Mets, and the late Franco Harris.


Episode Notes

Joel Anderson, Stefan Fatsis, and Josh Levin are joined by the Athletic’s Kalyn Kahler to discuss her story on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ array of hand signals. They also discuss New York Mets owner Steve Cohen’s $800 million offseason spending spree and look back at 1972’s “Immaculate Reception” by Pittsburgh Steelers running back Franco Harris.

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Follow Kalyn Kahler on Twitter and read her story in the Athletic, “Signal meetings and Aaron Rodgers’ ‘little death stare’: What it’s like for Packers’ rookie receivers.”

• Appearing on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers called the story, which includes on-the-record interviews with 11 current and former Packers, a “nothingburger.”

• In January 2021, Bryan Curtis of the Ringer wrote about Rodgers’ regular appearances on the former punter’s show.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan explained the medical concerns that derailed free-agent shortstop Carlos Correa’s $350 million deal with the San Francisco Giants, and may scuttle his $315 million one with the New York Mets.

• Including the Correa contract, Mets owner Steve Cohen committed more than $800 million to players this offseason and the team could have a 2023 payroll in excess of $400 million.

Other teams are whining about the Mets’ spending.

• In the Ringer, Ben Lindbergh explained why teams are offering players long-term contracts again.

• Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame running back Franco Harris died last week at 72, days before the 50th anniversary of the “Immaculate Reception.”

• In 2019, the NFL Network named the Immaculate Reception the greatest play in NFL history.

• Watch a recently discovered overhead view of the play.

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On this week’s bonus segment, Joel, Stefan, and Josh continue their conversation with the Athletic’s Kalyn Kahler about the latest news in the NFL.

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