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The Who Is Jerry Jones? Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on USA-Iran, Michigan-Ohio State, and the Dallas Cowboys owner.


Episode Notes

Joel Anderson, Stefan Fatsis, and Josh Levin are joined by journalist Meg Swanick to preview the U.S. men’s soccer team’s matchup against Iran. Ben Mathis-Lilley, the author of The Hot Seat, also joins to discuss Michigan’s win over Ohio State. Finally, they talk about the Washington Post’s feature on Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

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• At a bizarre news conference at the men’s World Cup in Qatar, U.S. coach Gregg Berhalter and players were grilled about politics by Iranian reporters.

• In Bleacher Report, Swanick wrote about the spark for the contentiousness—U.S. Soccer over the weekend altering the Iranian flag on social media—and the U.S. team’s win-or-go-home game against Iran on Tuesday.

• Iran called for the Americans to be kicked out of the tournament.

• In Slate, Eric Betts wrote that “the U.S. produced the most exciting plays and created the most dangerous chances” in last week’s 0-0 draw with England.

• The Wall Street Journal’s Joshua Robinson and Jonathan Clegg profiled 69-year-old Iran coach Carlos Queiroz.

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• Alex Kirshner’s Slate piece on Michigan’s second straight win over Ohio State.

• Matt Brown’s Extra Points newsletter on his Ohio State fandom and Ryan Day’s future as the Buckeyes’ coach.

• Joel concedes that TCU coach Sonny Dykes did a pretty good job this year.

• David Maraniss and Sally Jenkins wrote a long feature on Jerry Jones and race for the Washington Post.

• Xavier University’s Investigative Stories Program did a project on New Orleans’ “Desegregation Generation.”

• Stefan’s 2008 Slate piece on Jerry Jones and Hard Knocks.

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Joel’s Brian Robinson’s big hat: David Shaw’s resignation at Stanford, and what comes next for him and Black college football coaches.

On this week’s bonus segment, Joel, Stefan, and Josh talk to Meg Swanick about Canada losingMexico stinkingSaudi Arabia’s coach motivating, and Argentina reviving.

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